Client: Brighton and Hove University Hospitals Trust

Survey: 6-Facet and Space Utilisation Studies

Sector: Health Consultancy


Oakleaf were appointed in September 2014 to undertake a complete reappraisal of the Trust's 6-Facet data to assist with their strategic planning relating to the substantial 3Ts redevelopment.

The project covered detailed surveys of the Trust's two main hospital sites, Royal Sussex County Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital, and provided a ten year planned maintenance schedule. Further to the initial surveys Oakleaf provided strategic advice to account for the phased removal of buildings that are to be replaced as part of 3Ts and to plan maintenance on buildings during their reduced remaining lives.

Oakleaf's long standing relationship with the Trust has also led to further surveys with detailed room by room space utilisation studies having been undertaken on key buildings. The data provided covered accurate levels of room usage across key office space summarised in a clean and concise manner.