Craegmoor Health Care


craegmoor-healthcare-logoProject: Building Surveying Consultancy

Client: Craegmoor Health Care

Year: 2009 to 2011

Survey Type: Stock Condition and Measured Surveys

Project size: 2,100,000sqft

The Oakleaf Group were contracted to survey the entire Craegmoor Health Care estate over a six month period between December 2009 and May 2010. Following the successful completion of the stock condition surveys Oakleaf were commission to carry out further pre-acquisition and measured surveys as part of Craegmoors’ drive for growth.

Craegmoor specialise in mental health care with many of the buildings surveyed housing individuals with challenging behavioural traits, many of whom could be disturbed by the presence of unfamiliar visitors. Oakleaf took great care in offering maximum flexibility with site visits and used staff that had previous experience of working in psychiatric facilities.

The estate also covered the largest geographical area of any client that Oakleaf had worked on with properties located from Cornwall, through Wales and the Midlands and up to Southern Scotland with some 350 premises visited. The planning of survey visits lead to the creation of a map, complete with location pins and routes, probably more at home in the Cabinet War Rooms.

In April 2011 Craegmoor merged with The Priory Group to form the largest care home provider in the UK.


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