Project: Asset Management and Planned Maintenance

Client: St Andrews Healthcare

Year: 2005 to 2011

Survey Type: Stock Condition, Schedule of Condition and Energy Consultancy

Project size: 800,000sqft


The Oakleaf Group have provided a variety of specialist surveying to St Andrews Health Care over a five year period. St Andrews Health Care is based at St Andrews Hospital in central Northampton with several 'satellite sites' around the country. Working to the Estate Team's specification Oakleaf have surveyed the entire of the Northampton estate to provide accurate 5 Year maintenance plans to tie in with planned ward refurbishment.

Beyond the Stock Condition Survey Oakleaf provided specialist consultants to carry out schedule of conditions on newly acquired building stock including considerable 140,000sqft office accommodation.

Oakleaf’s in house energy team also undertook a detailed review of an underperforming ward block, constructed in 2008. Oakleaf identified the difficulties in managing and maintaining ambient temperatures in a ward block with multiple entrances and window opening, all operated by individual with differing views on comfortable levels of heating as well as overuse of the retrofitted Trace Heating system.


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