Specialist Fire Services

Specialist Fire Services

Oakleaf have a highly skilled and experienced team of assessors that carry out specialised assessments in industrial installations. These have included detailed analysis of some of the following:-

Coal Fired Power Stations

Full Fire Risk Assessments of whole coal fired power stations covering all aspects of the process from the raw materials entering the site to the power output transformers. This included the Receiving and Storage areas, Conveyors, Silos, Generating Halls, Control Rooms, Power Transformers etc.

Bio-Mass Power Generating Plant

Full Fire Risk Assessments of Receiving and Storage Areas, Silos, Conveyors, Dust Collectors, Deflagragation Vents, Control Rooms, Power Transformers etc.

Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant (FGD)

Full Fire Risk Assessments of Rail Heads, Conveyors, Silos, Control Rooms, Power Transformers, Water Treatment Plant, Pump Houses, Underground Cable Ducts and Cable Spreading Rooms etc.

Power Transformer Installations

We have carried out detailed analysis and assessments of Power Transformer blast walls, bunds, oil drainage design etc. to determine the suitabilty of the installations.

Fire Integrity Surveys

We have carried out detailed assessments of fire compartmentation to develop fire compartmentation plans and to check for breaches. This has involved cataloguing all breaches in excess of 10mm including breaches of cables, pipes, ducts, cable trays etc. to provide photograph references located on CAD plans together with a textural description of each breach within a fully searchable database.