Thermal Imaging Survey

This survey is a completely non-invasive method of investigating many aspects of the estate that are virtually impossible by any other method.

Thermal Imaging

The Process

This survey is an extraordinary method of investigating many aspects of the estate that is completely non-invasive.

Checks on main electrical switchgear and generators can be undertaken on full load conditions with no interruption of supply.

There is no other accurate way to assess the unseen performance of insulation or the building fabric.

Structural defects and defective building components can be identified by minute temperature changes that would be undetectable by any other method.

Where components such as windows, balconies or other building features have a potential risk of falling away from buildings, the small temperature changes caused by movement can readily be detected.

The survey is also ideal for identifying water penetration through roofs or other parts of a building structure, alleviating the need for time consuming water dye tests.

The Survey

Using the market leading FLIR ThermaCAM, the trained surveyor will carry out all or some of the following as required:

  • Commercial Roof IR Inspection, finding leaks, roof moisture detection and insulation failures.
  • Commercial Electrical IR Inspections, recognising the typical thermal patterns associated with electrical faults and giving the client comfort that electrical installation is safe.
  • Carry out structural checks on the building fabric, for example detecting lose cladding panels or loose window fixings.
  • Oakleaf use the latest in infrared thermography report generation and IR inspection database and trending software.
  • This means a report can be issued within hours of the survey being completed with recommendations and budget costings.


The Report

The test results are recorded in a fully written report that identifies not only the components that present potential risk but also the ones that do not.

Risk Assessments
We have included a Risk Assessment so that hazardous issues can be prioritised.

Budget Costs
We also provide full budget costs so that you can program any necessary remedial work.

Image Photographs

The original image is reproduced along side the thermal image so that the problems can be more easily understood.

Data Presentation

All data can be input into all FM sorftware packages.


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