Asset Register (M&E)

If you are a plant, works or maintenance engineer then we would love to make contact with you to review your Asset Register requirements.

Asset Register M&E

Maintenance Schedule:

If there is already a maintenance schedule in place, we can review and comment on it. Otherwise where none exists we can build a schedule that will work for both your organisation and contractors.

Why do I need an Asset Register?

"The asset register is a cornerstone of an asset management framework for entities, no matter what the size of their asset portfolio, in that it keeps asset information as well as an historical record of both financial and non- financial information over each asset's life-cycle for..."

Source: Better Practice Guide on the Strategic and Operational Management of Assets by Public Sector Entities

For the Facilities Maintenance Department a complete asset register is an essential tool for preplanning maintenance operations, knowing the function of each plant item in relation to its usage within the company and to be certain that ALL plant is maintained to the highest standards. Knowing the age of plant assets allows for future planning for life cycle replacement.

We will view every bit of fixed equipment (boilers, pumps electrical panels etc) and put it on a list so a maintenance register can be produced and replacements can be planned.