Statutory Compliance (M&E) Audit

Statutory Compliance M&E Audit

How are you managing health and safety risks in your workplace?

The already substantial tome of Health and Safety legislation continues to grow with the introduction of additional regulations, guidelines and responsibilities. In addition, Governments are also planning to use a bigger stick to punish non-compliance. Not only do businesses face bigger fines but their directors and senior management face imprisonment for neglect of duties.

Our experienced engineers focus on a site visit to view the risk areas and review all compliance documentation with the fundamental objective of preventing injury and illness at work and or the protection of you and your employees from prosecution.

We have the resources and expertise to lessen the burden on management by providing 'competent' assistance, we have successfully completed statutory compliance audits for a wide range of clients who are involved in a number of different operational activities.

Statutory Compliance Audits can be used as a useful starting point in reviewing your health and safety procedures and legal compliance. The audit includes a review of all statutory works paperwork and certificates to ensure you are compliant with current legislation.

Findings from the compliance audit identify gaps in your current policy and procedure or that they have been superseded by more recent legislation.

In many cases we have found specific risk assessments required by law, such as in the areas of water management, asbestos and fire, have not been conducted to an adequate standard or were missed altogether. Even if you are confident in your compliance the audit simply provides peace of mind by confirming that you are doing everything reasonable to minimise the risk to your organisation.