Bespoke Solutions for Remedial Action

All buildings are different, used in a variety of ways, with diverse occupants and user groups. As such, very often, fire safety solutions which may suit one building will not be suitable for another. This can be true of historic buildings which do not conform to modern building standards, as well as modern buildings with innovative designs.

Bespoke Solutions for Remedial Action

Bespoke Solutions

We can assist building and estate managers with specific fire safety issues, by working with them to create bespoke solutions which are tailored to the needs of the business or institution. We have experience of:

  • Reviewing the compensatory features in a building to demonstrate a safe level of risk
  • Specifying and managing the destructive fire testing of fire doors and building components
  • Reviewing fire detection and alarm systems, and identifying where upgrades are required
  • Assessing the provision of fire extinguishers. This has resulted in cost savings where there has previously been an overprovision
  • Identifying where innovative detection, such as flame detectors or aspirating smoke detection should be installed
  • Undertaking capacity calculations, to determine the maximum occupancy of a room, floor, or total building.

We also have experience of working with fire authorities and local planning enforcers. This has involved dealing with enforcement notices from fire authorities, and planning issues in relation to new building developments.


Our surveyors work with our in-house CAD specialists to provide building specific information, such as the layout of fire detection and alarm systems, and the locations of firefighting equipment.