Authorising Engineer (Water)

The role of an Authorising Engineer is a requirement of HTM 00 and Oakleaf have trained and experienced Legionella Consultants who also perform the role of Authorising Engineer for water and are trained in the field to City and Guilds standards.

Authorising Engineer Water

Our Authorising Engineer will act completely independently as a professional adviser and auditor and will assist your organisation in the design, implementation and continual monitoring of a 'Water Safety Plan'.

The role of the Authorising Engineer is not only to assist in the delivery of the 'Water Safety Plan' but also to assist in a number of areas, these include:

  • Assist in the appointment of the 'Authorised Person/Responsible Person' and Management Team. Design and manage the Water Safety Plan.
  • Design and implement a 'Safe System of Work'.
  • Monitor the Water Safety Plan and Safe System of Work using a process of regular Auditing. Attend Water Safety Steering Committee meetings.
  • Attend Estates Department meetings
  • Assist with building and systems design to eliminate or reduce risk.
  • To report on the ongoing compliance that is being achieved by an organisation.

Oakleaf is a Legionella Control Association registered company specifically for the category of Legionella Consultancy under which our Authorising Engineer roles fall.

An Oakleaf Authorising Engineer will have met our stringent training and experience requirement which includes:

  • A minimum of City and Guilds qualification specifically in the role of Authorising Engineer.
  • A minimum level of experience of 15 years within the field of Legionella Control additionally within the Healthcare sector.
  • Cross discipline training and experience such as mechanical and electrical building surveying and training, consultancy and auditing.
  • To participate and present in monthly training for all Oakleaf staff.
  • To maintain memberships of at least one chartered professional body.
  • To perform personal continual professional development with an authorised professional chartered body.

Oakleaf is an independent organisation with no links to any water treatment company or chemical/equipment supplier and therefore we are able to act completely independently and provide unbiased professional scientifically based consultancy.

Please contact us for further discussion as to how our Authorising Engineer role can help your organisation.