Indoor Air Quality Survey

We can perform a full ventilation system inspection, including air handling plant, accessible ductwork/diffusers and terminal points and workplace/cleanroom environmental conditions.

Air Hygiene Audits

This will allow your building managers to ensure that the highest quality of air is supplied/maintained in the building and also to plan maintenance schedules thus increasing productivity of staff within the building.

An air hygiene survey will consider the following aspects of air quality:

  • Airborne and surface microbes (Bacteria and Fungi)
  • Comfort controls (temperature and humidity)
  • Airborne particulates
  • Environmental gasses (Oxygen, Nitrogen & Carbon Dioxide)

An Air Hygiene survey is a mixture of visual inspection and local scientific analysis both of which are combined to produce a consultancy document which will place on record any necessary required maintenance or provide a scientific commentary regarding the continued acceptable air quality being achieved.

We can also provide more detailed and thorough investigations for clean rooms and operating theaters should this be required.