Legionella Consultancy

We have very experienced consultancy staff who will apply up to date knowledge, training and experience in the provision of our Legionella Consultancy service. The Approved Code of Practice L8 4th edition requires that help is sought from qualified and experienced persons.

Legionella Consultancy

Legionella Consultancy takes many forms and is often responsive and individual to the needs of our clients.

Our Consultancy Service is utilised by our clients for:

  • Design reviews of building construction and refurbishment tenders and plans to assist in designing out water and air quality issues
  • Emergency elevated water and air results investigation
  • Investigation during the onset of disease (both Legionella and other infections)
  • To assist with implementation of remedial actions from risk assessments
  • Regular attendance at Steering Committees, Estates Meetings and Control of Infection meetings
  • Emergency response for fault rectification consultancy
  • Regular ongoing and one off Management System auditing

Legionella Consultancy is always performed by a Senior Member of our staff who will guide you all the way through the consultancy process.

As a requirement of the Approved Code of Practice L8 Ed 4, a greater emphasis is now being placed on building operators and operators to undertake regular auditing.