Legionella Log Books

Our Legionella site logbook is regarded as part of the ‘written scheme of precautions’ as described in the Approved Code of Practice L8 Ed 4. We can supply Legionella site logbook systems in order to allow your site staff to perform and record Legionella monitoring and planned maintenance.

Legionella Log Books

Our logbook system are not simply a place to maintain monitoring records but a place to record all aspects of the scheme of precaution, training records, risk assessments, regular audits, procedures, systems design and operation, contractor management, system information, asset lists.

Records of Legionella monitoring must be maintained current up to a period of 2 years and archived for 5 years.

A Legionella site logbook is designed following a Legionella Risk Assessment and will allow you to maintain compliance and keep your systems safe and have the ongoing records to do so.

Our logbook systems may be used as a site based paper document or we have an online Management System.