Legionella Management Auditing

A Legionella Management Audit is an in-depth look at the Legionella Management Programme by an Oakleaf Consultant.

Legionella Management Auditing

Our Qualified and Experienced Consultants will follow a tried and tested methodology designed by Oakleaf to identify any potential flaws in the Legionella Management System as a whole to include:

  • Management Documentation
  • Training and Competence Records
  • Planned Maintenance Results Records
  • Sampling Regimes
  • Site Logbook Systems
  • Legionella Risk Assessment Status
  • Any other Risk Systems

A Management Audit Report will be presented to the Responsible Person which can allow the Responsible Person to be fully informed that the Legionella Management System is working as designed or indeed if any further measures or amendments are needed.

Management Audits can be completed as a one off service or on a regular basis to provide an ongoing independent view particularly where large estate is being managed.

Management Audits are often performed at the beginning of Legionella Risk Assessment projects and can be an important tool in assessing the Risks associated with Legionnaires Disease.