Legionnella Management Documentation

A Legionella Management Policy will satisfy the requirement for a ‘Written Scheme of Precautions’ as detailed in the Approved Code of Practice L8 Ed 4.We can provide Legionella Management Policies that are tailored any of your requirements.

Legionella Management Documentation

Legionella Management Policy Documents and Procedural Manuals are as much an important part of the Control of Legionellosis as Monitoring Regimes and Risk Assessments, it is important to ensure that they are designed both with the system in mind and the abilities of the client, the provision of an off the shelf document with a one fits all approach will ultimately lead to a breakdown in the Management and Control of Legionellosis particularly for larger multi property portfolio businesses, therefore a bespoke document written by a Consultant is necessary.

It is important to ensure that the Policy is maintained up to date. Regulation, guidance and legislation do change and it is important to be aware that the written scheme must be updated also. We recommend that Policies are updated on an annual basis.