Fire Risk Consultancy

Oakleaf have been successful on countless Fire Risk Consultancy contracts. These range from Fire Engineering, Fire Compartmentation, FRAs, Tender Management, Training and Authorised Engineer (AE Fire) roles in all sectors from Power Stations, Hospitals and Universities to Housing projects. 
Oakleaf are accredited under the BAFE SP205 scheme, which is UKAS accredited. We are assisting numerous clients to ensure they are fulfilling their legal obligations, where third party assurance of our service and competency is vital

Oxford University 4 Year Contract

Oakleaf have been awarded Asset and Condition Surveys across all of the properties for Oxford University.
We are now in the second year of this project, which involves assisting the implementation of a new CAFM system.
This comprises some 256 buildings with an area of about 600,000m2 plus 6 graduate accommodation sites comprising approx. 500 study bedrooms and 90 family houses. The functional estate includes departmental buildings, libraries, museums and sport facilities, and ranges from Grade 1 listed buildings of national importance to state of the art laboratory spaces


Community Health Partnerships Space and Condition

Oakleaf have completed London wide Space Utilisation and Baseline Condition Surveys for CHP.
Working with various stakeholders;including NHS Property Services the project was successfully delivered within a 3 month period.

Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

As well as our market leading 6 facet surveys Oakleaf have created an Asset Register of all maintainable plant and carried out M&E condition surveys also on 3 main hospital and 3 satellite sites. This large contract which is largely delivered has been carried out with minimal site disruption. We also carried out DDA Audits and Fire Compartmentation Studies to the entire estate. Imperial

Cambridge University

Oakleaf have completed Condition Surveys across all of the properties for Cambridge University.
In Excess of 425,000 m2 of buildings are included in this exciting study.


Plymouth University

Oakleaf carried out multi facet surveys to all of Plymouth University.
The tight programme was set for the summer break and was another well received study. 

Eton College Condition and Access Audits

Oakleaf have started work on the world famous Independent school. Eton College required a bespoke DDA Audit covering their unique estate that dates from the 1400's.
The Access Audit will cover all aspects of the equality act and cover the students, visitors and tourist areas. Subsequently Oakleaf were awarded Condition Surveys across the varied estate. 

Eton DDA

Cranfield University

Oakleaf have completed Condition and Functional Suitability surveys for this world renowned post graduate University.

Legionella Risk Assessment

Since the publication of the fourth edition of the Approved Code of Practice L8 in November 2013 there is a good deal of confusion and misunderstanding among many Legionella Services suppliers as to how frequently a risk assessment must be reviewed.

Oakleaf have long established that a review of the risk assessment is not a review of the document submitted to the client, but a review of the risk itself and the issue of a new document taking into account the findings of the previous risk assessment. The actual review frequency of the risk will be determined by the consultant performing the assessment. This ensures that the risk assessment remains as up to date as necessary depending on the risk. For most reports.

Performing a ‘Desktop Risk Review’ without ever surveying the site has never been acceptable or appropriate and must never be completed.

It is a requirement of the Approved Code of Practice L8 (fourth edition 2013) that all systems require a Legionella Risk Assessment without exception. It is still possible that a system or building may pose negligible risk and only a limited number of measures may be necessary following the risk assessment.

Legionella Monitoring

Since the publication of the fourth edition of the Approved Code of Practice L8 in November 2013 there is a good deal of confusion and misunderstanding among many Legionella Services suppliers as to how what level of monitoring is expected in the fourth edition Approved Code of Practice L8.

Oakleaf Technical Services Ltd. are a Legionella Consultancy operating at some of the largest UK NHS Acute T NHS trusts and as such we have a unique position of understanding.

If in doubt, we recommend that you continue to maintained your water systems in line with the Approved Code of Practice L8 as you will likely have been for a number of years.

Your next Legionella Risk Assessment will determine if your PPM regime is in need of reviewing. Should you manage multiple properties or any residential or healthcare facility

UKAS Accreditation for Oakleaf

Oakleaf are one of only a handful of quality organisations to receive UKAS accreditation in relation to carrying out Fire Risk Assessments. This coincides with Oakleaf's investment in staff and an increasing number of clients enjoying our high quality risk assessmnets and consultancy. With clients ranging from Power Stations, Hospitals and Universities to single sites, schools and dentists!

Space Utilisation Hots up!

Oakleaf have been carrying out a rising number of extremely robust and detailed space utilisation surveys across the country. These can range from detailing departments and offering improvement costed options to hour by hour repeat visits to all sites in order to get the most detailed evidence of usage so informed decisions can be made on the organisations portfolio.

NHS Property Services Ltd

Oakleaf are happily supplying NHS Property Services with a range of services. The 6 facet survey including data uploading are as popular as ever and we are also seeing a high number of LATs requesting our services with Legionella, Asbestos and Drawing and Data Management.

More University Clients

Oakleaf gain more University clients who enjoy Oakleaf's market leading surveys, with Condition and Legislative Compliance being the most popular surveys.

School Condition Surveys

Oakleaf continue to provide the education sector market leading condition surveys of their schools - Particularly with the need for Condition Surveys when converting to Academy Status