Occupancy Audit

As with our Space Reviews an Occupancy Audit can be more or less complex depending on your need.

Occupancy Audit

At the simplest level an Occupancy Audit will identify who occupies each space in your premises - whether it is your own staff or a third party organization, together with staff numbers.

This will enable basic analysis to take place such as:

  • Area (m2) occupied by your organization for offices (i.e. – has staff in an area and how many)
  • Area (m2) occupied by third party organisations (i.e. – validate their relevance and location. Should it be/is space charged for).

To this we can add Departmental structure. This will enable you to identify:

  • Area (m2) occupied by each Department/Section
  • Number of staff in each area
  • M2 per person in each Department
  • Comparison of working space (m2 per person across Departments.
  • Is space allocation appropriate to job functions being carried out?

To this we can add staff numbers and whether they work Part or Full Time (with hours worked). This will enable you to identify:

  • Full Time/Part Time working balance across each Department
  • Numbers of Part Time staff in each room
  • Number of hours that dedicated work stations stand empty due to Part Time Working
  • Where a potential increase in staff numbers is possible
  • Where the working arrangements might best move towards flexible working to harness wasted space.

All of the information will be listed on a Rooms based database that can be fully interrogated. We will allocate a unique reference to each space in your premises (or use your if they already exist). All the information can also be referenced onto CAD drawings.