Space Moves Management

Enables clients to quickly place and manage contracts at times of peak workload by outsourcing to our contract management specialists. Implement re-planning proposals - stress free!

Space Moves

The Service

Often this is carried out as a development of a Space Utilisation Review or Appraisal, or it may be just the need to vacate existing premises.

Oakleaf can take a scheme forward to ensure that staff changes take place smoothly.

Schemes may range from complete relocation and positioning of temporary buildings to the entire re-planning of government offices such as Civic Centres or hospital wards etc.

Detailed consideration is given to ensuring that there is a smooth transition for staff to move from their existing working environments to their new locations with the minimum ‘down time' and the minimum disruption.

Detailed project planning is ‘key' to ensuring that complex sets of moves occur in the correct sequence. Oakleaf have extensive experience in managing the transfer of large numbers of staff to new locations.

The Process

This service covers the following RIBA stages:

Tender Action
Using production information such as existing specification, schedules and drawings (prepared either by others or as part of an earlier stage of the project) prepare Tender Documents and invite suitable contractors to tender.

Advise the client on the appointment of the preferred contractor, prepare a building contract.

Operations on site
Administer the terms of the building contract during operations on site.

Visit site as appropriate to inspect generally the progress and quality of the work.

With other consultants (where appointed) make the required financial reports to the client including the effect of any variations on the contract sum.

Administer the terms of the contract to ensure that the works are completed on time and on budget.

Oversee all snagging, making good of defects and administering defects liability period.

Release of retentions.

Provide the client with completed drawings showing final installed positions for all staff, services, room layouts etc. (updated with any contract variations).

At completion, the final 'as installed' information can be input into all FM software databases.


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