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A Dilapidations Survey is a very detailed survey recording the condition of building components and systems down to minor wear and tear/staining etc. Ideal prior to letting or terminating a contract to validate contractors performance.

The Dilapidations Survey

Often undertaken prior to new tenants coming into a building or prior to concluding an agreement. Will establish a condition date baseline with remedial costs.

The Oakleaf Dilapidation Survey provides a detailed assessment on a room by room basis covering:

  • Building Fabric
  • Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Service

Data is gathered using hand held electronic gathering tools that provide data consistency between surveyors and have in-built checking and productivity functionality.

The tools mirror a standard pro-forma style and are used to record the condition of each element/sub element. A risk assessment is undertaken (as  required by NHS) which gives a score for Severity and Probability.

Key Benefits

  1. Confirms whether maintenance contracts have been carried out in accordance with the contract.
  2. Can form the basis to renegotiate  maintenance contracts when the actual condition of the buildings/systems is established.
  3. Confirms the precise condition of a building prior to changes/sub letting.

Room by room

Carried out on a building wide basis for each room. A database is created with entries for every room that records the condition of the following elements:-

  • Floor
  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Doors/Frames
  • Windows
  • Light Fittings
  • Radiator
  • Electrics
  • IT/Comms
  • Wall Fans
  • Grilles/Diffusers
  • Plant

The Report

Risk Assessments
We have included a Risk Assessment so that hazardous areas can be prioritised.

Budget Costs
We also provide full budget costs so that you can program any necessary remedial work.

Digital Photographs

We take photographs showing selected non compliant items so that the problems can be more easily understood.

Priority Rankings
We include rankings for each item requiring remedial action covering: Urgent, Essential, Desirable and Routine Works.

Data Presentation

The hard copies will be in the correct style depending on the contract and the type of surveys needed, to align with the lease requirements and best practice. All data can be input into all leading brands of FM Software.

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