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Oakleaf have specialist space planners who are used to undertaking complex re-organisation projects, including the Government’s Single Sex Wards Initiative. Our blocking and stacking tools readily enable the generation of alternative layout options.

The Appraisal

This appraisal is sometimes undertaken as a result of a Space Utilisation, Single Sex Ward Initiative or Functional Suitability Assessment, or it may be the result of a need to vacate the existing premises for other reasons.

Space pressure can also create unacceptable working conditions for staff, due to increasing staff levels or constantly changing circumstances and/or service expectations.

Oakleaf can quickly assess the current situation and suggest a variety of solutions to ease the problems. These will be produced in consultation with key staff and offer a practical answer to the existing conditions.

Key functional relationships are first agreed ‘in principle’ to ensure that the overall space sizes will fit within the building envelope. Only when these are agreed do Oakleaf move onto working up the detailed room plans. Each room is ‘signed off’ with the function managers

The Detail

This audit can include some or all of the following elements:
  • Clinical Requirements
  • Single Sex Wards
  • Parking/Access Requirements
  • Storage Needs (Rationalisation)
  • Furniture Needs
  • ICT Requirements (Tel/Fax/PC)
  • Juxtapositions within Dept.
  • Inter Departmental Relationships
  • Expansion Capacity
  • Disabled Needs
  • Meeting Space
  • Refreshment Area/Breakout Space
  • Security Issues

Over time, some departments grow and others contract within their physical boundaries. This creates a mismatch of people to the available space, affecting both efficiency and morale.

Oakleaf personnel audit your organisation and identify areas of potential savings and improved operational efficiency.

The Report

Oakleaf work with you and your staff to identify the key issues, needs, and problems within your premises. We  evaluate the potential for change and provide you with a range of possible solutions.

Areas considered include…
  •  Spare Capacity
  • Legislation (HBNs, HTMs etc)
  • Different Healthcare Categories
  • Overcrowding
  • Benchmark Space Allocation
  • Work-flow Analysis
  • Filing Strategies
  • Document Imaging & Access
  • Supporting IT Infrastructure
Alternative Working Practices including…
  • Touchdown Space/ VirtualOffice / Satellite Office
  • Territorial / Non-territorial Space
  • Hot Desking / Hotelling / Desk Sharing etc.

Oakleaf provides all levels of solution through to a  full ‘turn-key’ operation for your project. This includes fully planned layouts agreed with managers, and all project management aspects of the proposal to a successful ‘on-site’ completion.

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