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Aside from the legal requirement to complete a fire risk assessment in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, a business or institution should also consider the effect that a fire may have on business interruption, damage to property and loss of reputation. In order to guard against such disruption further measures over and above the minimum legal requirements should be considered.
property risk

Property Protection Assessment

Oakleaf can undertake an assessment of the risk to property and business interruption, using our in house consultants and external expert support where required. We can review the installed fire safety systems, both active and passive, and recommend areas where improvement can be made.

Areas that can be evaluated include:

  • Cost of building replacement in the event of a total loss
  • Loss of business
  • Loss of reputation
  • Cost of replacement equipment / machinery
  • Cost of temporary accommodation

Once the above have been reviewed, it is then necessary to consider appropriate mitigating factors. This may require:

  • Cost benefit analysis of new fire safety installations, e.g. suppression systems
  • Review of the building to determine where fire compartment sizes can be reduced, in order to restrict fire spread
  • Review of the management systems in place

Mitigating Factors that can be explored include:

  • Upgrading the fire detection and alarm system
  • Installation of suppression systems
  • Further management controls

The overall aim of a property protection assessment is to reduce and manage the potential for extensive property loss in the event of fire.

Fire Safety Consulting

Fire consulting services proposing practical, cost-effective solutions for any specific fire safety problems including:

  • The development, implementation, and review of company-specific fire safety strategies
  • Local authority licensing issues
  • The protection of historic/heritage buildings
  • Evaluation and supervision of fire drills
  • Bespoke research projects including advice on international fire safety law for global institutions

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