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Why Develop an Estates Strategy?

A long term plan for developing or rationalising the estate in an optimum way relative to the organisation’s service and business needs.

The Process – Typical Issues

  • Where are we now?
    Examples of potential issues:
    –  High backlog costs
    –  Changing local population
    –  Poor services/premises fit
    –  Poor quality accommodation
  • How Do We Get There?
    – Board/Members can make strategic decisions using the TRAFFIC LIGHT Analysis of the estate to produce an optimum plan for the future.
  • Where Do We Want To Be?
    Examples of potential issues:
    –  Reduce backlog costs
    –  Increase/decrease staff numbers
    –  Compare with national
    benchmark figures
    –  Better distribute premises in the


  • Modernise accommodation
  • Improve perception of facilities
  • Improve functionality
  • Appropriate location
  • Reduce risks
  • Improve accessibility


The initial analysis of the estate provides an easy to understand document which highlights areas of concern & waste, indicating  improvements and/or premises which are no longer suitable.


Oakleaf have developed a method for ranking premises by analysing all available Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to establish the most suitable and least suitable premises.

A clear visual presentation is developed to identify how the estate can best respond to service changes. This  moves ‘risk’ from the Estates Department and transfers it to Board/Member level.  Political or services led decisions can be made based on the best available information.

The Report

Typical KPI’s Analysed…

  • Condition Backlog Costs
  • Statutory Compliance Costs
  • Fire Risk Costs
  • Space Utilisation
  • Functional Suitability
  • Quality
  • Energy Performance
  • Size/Location of Premises
  • Remaining life of Premises
  • DDA Costs
  • Revenue Costs
  • Property Value
  • Potential to Expand

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