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Oakleaf have created a market leading report specifically for GP survey contracts – providing valuable information to  CCGs. This report has been honed by many years of surveying GP premises, focusing on the special requirements of providing the primary service and also in presenting the results in a clear, concise and useable format.

The Review

Oakleaf’s GP Premesis survey comprises a combination of six separate surveys and reviews, which are carried out by separate specialised survey teams and auditors, each experienced in their own field. Only one interview is necessary when visiting the site, providing a cost effective solution.

The resultant GP 6 Facet Survey will allow Condition Categories to be allocated to properties on a facet by facet basis together with a summary of remedial costs to bring each facet up to a safe and sound condition.

Data is gathered using hand held electronic gathering tools that provide data consistency between surveyors and have in-built checking and productivity functionality. The tools mirror a standard pro-forma style and are used to record the condition of each element/sub element. A risk assessment is undertaken (as required by NHS) which gives a score for Severity and Probability.

The Content

Oakleaf have extensive experience in working with differing CCGs, and the Survey can be adapted to suit individual clients needs. The Six Facets covered in our GP Premesis Survey are…

  • Facet 1 – Physical Condition Survey (Fabric & M&E)
  • Facet 2 – Statutory Compliance Audit (inc. Fire)
  • Facet 3 – Space Utilisation Audit
  • Facet 4 – Functional Suitability Review
  • Facet 5 – Quality Audit
  • Facet 6 – Environmental Management Audit

The Report

  • Ranking
    A rating is identified for each survey aspect and other reviews are compared and rated as applicable.
  • Risk Assessments
    We have included a Risk Assessment so that hazardous issues can be prioritised.
  • Budget Costs
    We also provide full budget costs so that you can program any necessary remedial work.
  • Digital Photographs
    We take photographs showing selected non compliant items so that the problems can be more easily understood.
report example

Extra Efficiencies

Oakleaf are at the cutting edge of technology in this sector and use efficient and time served methodologies when implementing GP 6 Facet Surveys.

More than 50% of our NHS clients use the GP Six Facet Survey as an opportunity to pick up other essential estates data whilst our surveyors, engineers and auditors are on site. This partnership working saves our NHS clients £££’s compared to our competitors.

Data Presentation

All data can be input into all software packages, we are experienced in working with all leading brands. As an independent surveying consultancy we can advise on the best solution for your organisation.

Keep the data Live

Oakleaf want you to get the most from your GP 6 Facet Survey. We have cost efficient methods to update your data; ranging from desk top reviews to 3 – 5 year refresh survey contracts. We also can supply consultancy to assist you demonstrate the value of the investments made and the projects that you manage.

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