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An assessment of statutory compliance requirements necessary to carry out an estates review. This Statutory Compliance Survey can be bespoke for any client with any particular needs (A more detailed audit can be provided for operational estate maintenance scheduling).

The Statutory Compliance Audit

The elements of this Statutory Compliance Audit carry a mandatory requirement in that Duty Holders have a legal obligation to ensure that their premises are compliant. This audit identifies the extent to which the facilities comply with these statutory regulations.

This important audit identifies whether staff and visitors (including people with disabilities) are able to operate within a building without detriment to their well being and confirms that the building environment does not compromise the quality of service that staff are able to provide.

It lists not only recommendations for improvement where items are mandatory but will suggest improvements for the general safety and welfare of building users.

These regulations apply to a wide range of workplaces, not only factories, shops and offices but also schools, hospitals, hotels and places of entertainment.

The Content

  • Electrical Services – Supply & Distribution Safety
  • Compliance with Asbestos Regulations
  • Compliance with Legionella Regulations
    Hot Water Outlets
    Cold Water Storage
  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Adequacy of Lighting
  • Falls & Falling Objects
  •  Ladders
  • Safety Glazing
  • Gas Safety
  •  Ventilation
  • Floor & Traffic Routes
  • Food Hygiene
  • Compliance with COSHH Regulations
  • Compliance with Disability Discrimination Act
  • Pressure Systems
  • Equipment in Confined Spaces
  • Safe Surface Temperatures

The Report

The results are recorded in a full written report which summarises the main conclusions. The report is very detailed and specifically lists each item and details the extent of compliance or non – compliance.

Risk Assessments
We have included a Risk Assessment so that hazardous areas can be prioritised.

Budget Costs
We also provide full budget costs so that you can program any necessary remedial work.

Digital Photographs
We take photographs showing selected non compliant items so that the problems can be more easily understood.

Ensuring Compliance

Oakleaf’s in house experts can ensure Statutory Compiance by acting on the information gained during the Audit and putting a plan of remidials into place. Oakleaf have many of the disciplines in house and offer project/tender management working with the client towards compliance.

Statutory Compliance and Condition Survey

Oakleaf are pleased to now offer a combined survey package for Universities and Colleges. We have designed the package to provide estates professionals with the accurate data in order to assist them with the EMS and eMandate returns. Fuctional Suitability and Space Utilisation Audits have now also been tailored for this sector.

Data Presentation

All data can be input into all FM Software packages.

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