The Oakleaf Group

Independent specialists in the collection, preparation and analysis of all estates and buildings information for more than 25 years. We specialise in the uploading of Estates data to ALL FM systems.

Oakleaf Surveying Ltd

In excess of 80,000,000 square metres surveyed for NHS Trusts, Universities, Local Authorities, Police Forces, Commercial Premises, and other specialist organisations. Oakleaf Surveying Ltd. specialise in most of the 'core' facilities management with extensive experience in auditing, inspection, and surveying of Condition Surveys, 6 Facet Surveys (NHS), Statutory Compliance, Disability Discrimination DDA, Fire Risk Assessments, Space Utilisation, Space Planning, Suitability and Sufficiency Surveys, Fire Compartmentation, Fire Consultancy/Training, Environmental Management Audits, Estates Strategies, Measured Surveys (CAD), Dilapidations, Glazing Audits etc.

A company registered in England & Wales, reg. no. 06151373.

Oakleaf Technical Services Ltd

Our teams carry out Mechanical & Electrical Surveys, Physical Condition Surveys, Legionella Risk Assessments, Legionella Risk Management Programmes, Asbestos Management Services, EPC's, DEC's, Air Conditioning Inspections TM44, Contract Management Services, Effectiveness of Maintenance Surveys, Asset Registers, Asset Tagging, M&E Dilapidation Surveys, and Thermal Imaging.

A company registered in England & Wales, reg. no. 06151419

Our Surveys

Our own in-house teams of surveyors are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of Property Appraisal and Statutory Survey. We do not use sub-contracted survey staff. This ensures that no work is carried out by 'generalists' but rather by dedicated teams. Each team specialises in only a small range of surveys; consequently, they gain experience in their own area through repetition. You can be confident with Oakleaf that inexperienced surveyors will not be learning their trade at your expense.

We achieve our detailed results with remarkable lack of disruption on site and always liaise with our clients teams to ensure all items, projects and plans are included within our market leading results.