Functional Suitability Review

Functional Suitability measures the capability of the space to support its existing function

 Functional Suitability


The whole site or departmental functional suitability will determine how effectively a building (or part of a building) supports the delivery of the existing service. The aim is to hold space that is functionally appropriate to the current and (known) future demand for the service.  The functional suitability of a department/building is not necessarily dependent on the quality of the property.

The Audit

This audit enables buildings or departments to be compared on an 'independent' basis. It is based on the merits or otherwise, of the building relative to it's suitability to support current functions.

Properties can be benchmarked to determine those that are most and least suitable for their purpose. This provides an ideal baseline for running cost comparisons along with other liability costs, thus aiding the strategic decision making process.

The Content

The Functional Suitability Review includes these elements:

    • Legislative Compliance
    • Energy Performance
    • Environment
    • Layout
    • Location
    • Flexibility
    • Servicing
    • User Perception
    • External Environment


The Report

The results are recorded in a written report which summarises the main conclusions. The results are as per the HESA D21 Functional Suitability data definitions.

The following Functional Suitability scores will be applied:

Grade 1 - Excellent

Grade 2 - Good

Grade 3 - Fair

Grade 4 - Poor 


Usable Deliverables

Oakleaf specialise in delivering results of the Functional Suitability surveys in formats to suit our educational clients needs. We can provide the Functional Suitability results in formats that can be filtered and searched in order not only to generate the HESA/HEFCE returns but also by building, block and department


CAFM Uploading

All data can be input into all FM Software Brands.

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