New Scheme Reviews

It is important to ensure that when designing and new building or undertaking the refurbishment of an existing building that Legionella Control is considered at every stage of the project for both water and air services.

The Approved Code of Practice L8 Ed 4 requires that Legionella causing problems are designed out in the first instance and Legionella must be managed and controlled if no further design solutions are available.

Legionella New Scheme Reviews

We have experienced and qualified consultants who have a range of knowledge, skills and experience to review and contribute at the design stage of a project. Our Consultants will also advise on the precautions needed during and on completion of the project to ensure that any Legionella risks arising are controlled and what necessary measures need to put in place as part of the ongoing management regime (PPM).

A design review will be completed and a Design Review Report will be issued to the design team to advised on the project.

Oakleaf is very much a partner during projects and schemes and with the range of building and project consultants in our team we are able to consult on many building issues.