Pseudomonas Risk Assessment

Throughout the NHS and Care Providers in the UK, awareness and understanding of pseudomonas infections has dramatically increased particularly following high profile and well publicised cases of infections in Special Care Baby Units.

Pseudomonas Risk Assessment

Oakleaf Consultants can undertake a Pseudomonas Risk Assessment which can either be completed as part of the Legionella Risk Assessment or as a standalone survey. Clinical assessment will be at the forefront of Nursing Staff and Doctors when considering infections from pseudomonads, however inspections of the engineering components of water systems and their management, maintenance and cleaning do require to be considered if a complete and safe structure is to be established.

Concentrating on augmented care and at risk areas, Oakleaf Consultants will perform such inspection and produce a report that considers the water systems condition and design, management of pseudomonas including regular sampling and results, risk of contamination and provide a numerical risk count. In addition where issues are identified we will make appropriate recommendations for changes or improvements.

A pseudomonas risk assessment must be considered as part of an ongoing regime and include interdepartmental alliance.

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