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Estate management is challenging for all industries, but it can be even more difficult for local authorities with tight budgets to work to and so many different regulations and policies to comply with. To run an efficient local authority estate, there are some key areas that you can target to make performance improvements, such as:

Space Replanning

Optimise your available space and re-organise it to meet certain requirements, such as ensuring IT systems are serviced by ethernet ports or servers. In hospitals, setting up single-sex wards and other requirements can be met by using space more efficiently. Oakleaf provides a service to visit your estate and review how space can be re-organised to meet specific needs. Our space planning experts use cutting edge technology to create a report and replan your existing space.

Disabled Access Audit

Disabled access compliance is critical for local authority estates, and we provide an expert audit service to review the building and write up a report identifying any compliance issues, as well as recommending other types of improvements that can be made. The Disabled Access Audit includes external approach, change in levels, entrance, reception, ramps, stairs, and lifts.

Fire Risk Assessment

Your building must also comply with all required fire safety regulations, including fire exits, fire safety equipment and emergency plans. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 stipulates that all ‘responsible persons’ must carry out a fire risk assessment of their premises to ensure the safety of all employees and other ‘relevant persons’ such as site visitors or pedestrians.

Oakleaf provides a comprehensive set of expert fire consultancy service to ensure that your organisation is fully compliant with the relevant fire safety regulations and provides optimal protection to prevent or minimise damage or injury through fires. Our services include fire risk assessments accredited by UKAS and NSI under the BAFE SP:205 life safety fire risk assessment scheme.

Glazing (Safety and Compliance) Audit

Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 outlines the duty to ensure the safety of building users is not put at risk by the breakage of glazing materials. For buildings that have many windows and particularly older buildings, performing a glazing assessment can be very time consuming.

At Oakleaf, we provide a survey that identifies any compliance issues, including protection against impact, manifestation of glazing, safe operation of windows and safe opening and closing.

We gather the data using handheld electronic tools to ensure data consistency and our software automatically calculates whether the glazing passes or fails the regulations. We provide a report to highlight all issues and our expert recommendations based upon the regulations.

Condition Surveys

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your estate is an essential step towards bringing your estate up to standard. Oakleaf’s condition surveys provide a detailed review of a buildings current condition, the cost to bring the building up to standard and a priority ranking for work that is required.

With the assistance of electronic gathering tools to collect accurate data, our surveyors will cover the building fabric, electrical systems, mechanical systems and conduct a room level analysis to provide a detailed and accurate report. The information gathered can then be imported into all Facilities Management software packages, ensuring seamless connectivity with pre-existing assets.

Our services help local authority estates to meet their compliance responsibilities and keep building users safe, while managing costs wherever possible. If you would like our specialist support for your local authority estate, contact us today.

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