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East End Homes, a large London based Housing Association, has awarded its full portfolio to Oakleaf to develop Building Safety Cases for each one of their of High-Risk Buildings (HRBs).

High Rise Buildings

This win is a great example of how our Bellrock Group companies work together. An initial conversation with Sean Tobin, Executive Director at construction consultancy John Rowan and Partners, prompted East End Homes to recognise its obligation to adhere to the Building Safety Act 2022. Sean knew the services that Oakleaf could provide and facilitated a meeting between the two companies.

Oakleaf consultants then worked closely with East End Homes to understand its business model and its building portfolio. Oakleaf was then able to explain to the client how, using a ground-breaking methodology, its ‘live’ on-demand safety case reporting system would be able to produce reports for each building at any time, from an intelligent central software system. The huge benefit of live on-demand reporting is that clients can add to, and reproduce, safety case reports, all at the touch of a button, as often as required, for no additional charge.

Director of Fire at Oakleaf, Graham Oliphant, was impressed with East End Homes’ foresight in realising how the on-demand reporting was going to be a game-changer in generating safety case reports now and in the future:

“East End Homes realised the benefits that our turn-key safety case reporting system provides. Paying a company to provide a static report and then paying again when reports need to be updated or reviewed isn’t cost-effective, especially when you have multiple HRBs. Adopting our approach, implementing a live, on-demand report generation system, will not only save East End Homes time and significant cost savings but it also means it can be confident it has a full audit trail that’s all accessible from one system.

“This really sets East End Homes ahead of many other HAs in its approach and commitment to Safety Management. We’ll be working closely with the client over the coming weeks and months to ensure that the residents of its HRBs are front and centre as we provide reassurance on safety critical measures.”

The Oakleaf Approach

Here’s a glimpse of the Oakleaf approach:

  • Off-the-shelf Digital Golden Thread & Full Audit Trail: Ensuring the integrity of evidence and future-proofing against staff turnover or lost PDFs in email inboxes.
  • Dedicated ‘Ecosystem’ Joint Working: Promoting collaboration among Building Safety Managers, Project Managers, and Consultancy Partners for seamless communication.
  • ‘On-Demand’ Building Safety Case Report Generation: Enabling substantial time and cost savings.
  • Assurance Framework Linkage: Minimizing costs related to regulatory compliance.
  • Fire Consultancy Support Throughout the Journey: Our experts will be by your side every step of the way.

Graham Oliphant

Director of Fire

Graham Oliphant is an industry-leading expert who served in the London Fire Brigade for 14 years before transferring to a career in safety management leadership.

If you’d like to have an informal chat to see how we can assist your organisation with a full portfolio solution to address Safety Case development and the production of safety case reports, please contact Graham Oliphant at 

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