Shropshire County Council


shropshire-county-council-logoProject: Water Management Consultancy

Client: Shropshire County Council

Year: 2008 to 2011

Survey Type: Legionella Risk Assessments

Project size: 1,200,000 sqft

As part of a major five year contract, the Oakleaf Group have been assessing the entire estate of Shropshire Council including both school and non-school properties. the estate is assessed in its entirety every two years with a team of Legionella Risk Assessors dedicated just to servicing the contract. The standard of service offered by Oakleaf is such that we've successfully retained the contract for over four separate renewal dates.

The contract involves visits to school premises with care required to ensure that survey processes do not impact on the day to day running of the premises; something Oakleaf's assessors take pride in acheiving.

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