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One of the key business objectives at Oakleaf is to drive compliance in healthcare. Therefore, through a set of expert services and solutions, we help to reduce risks, improve standards and meet targets.

We provide extensive analysis of estates and building information that gives healthcare and other organisations an opportunity to make data-led decisions to improve their services. There are many ways that we add value to the healthcare industry.

Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella is a big risk to healthcare facilities. This is due to the number of outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease increasing in recent years. Therefore, the HSE Approved Code of Practice L8 stipulates legal responsibilities that facilities managers must comply with in relation to legionella.

This includes performing a risk assessment, reviewing control measures, and appointing a responsible person to oversee compliance.

Oakleaf provides expertise in delivering legionella risk assessments, regular audits and an ongoing management regime to help eliminate the risk of legionella. The comprehensive survey uses innovative software to provide the highest standard of risk assessment and reports.

Disabled Access Audit

Furthermore, healthcare organisations must comply with the relevant access standards, covering a wide range of responsibilities to remove physical barriers to access. In healthcare facilities, there are many areas that need to be compliant. These include the external approach, means of escape, changing levels, internal spaces and many more.

An expert Disabled Access Audit will identify all physical barriers and enable healthcare organisations to take the appropriate actions to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Our audits include digital photographs to help highlight and describe issues, as well as detailed budget costs. The data produced can be input into all FMS packages.

GP Premises Survey

We also offer a market-leading report specifically for GP survey contracts, that provides CCGs with critical data. Our GP Premises survey includes six different surveys and reviews, each of which is performed by a specialist team.

The six facets include:

• Facet 1 – Physical Condition Survey (Fabric & M&E)
• Facet 2 – Statutory Compliance Audit (inc. Fire)
• Facet 3 – Space Utilisation Audit
• Facet 4 – Functional Suitability Review
• Facet 5 – Quality Audit
• Facet 6 – Environmental Management Audit

Oakleaf reports include ratings for each survey aspect, so that key issues can be easily flagged to management or the relevant personnel, and urgent action can be taken if necessary.

Accordingly, Oakleaf combines cutting-edge technology solutions with regulatory and legislative expertise to ensure that our clients are fully compliant and are able to maintain their facilities to the best possible standards.

Our services have been supporting the healthcare industry for many years but with the increased pressure on healthcare due to the pandemic, our services can help to take away some of the workload involved in estates and buildings compliance.

Find out more about our services and how they can help you be compliant.

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