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Estate management involves so many different priorities, from ensuring health and safety to operating in the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way. The job is made even more difficult by ever-changing external factors such as a health pandemic or the constantly increasing environmental responsibilities.

Oakleaf assist organisations to identify the most important areas that require improvements, and then support them in achieving this through the provision of different services such as risk assessments and relevant audits. For example, we help healthcare estates to identify space usage gaps and requirement, and assist educational clients improve their statutory compliance.

Our risk assessments have been designed by industry experts to comply with the relevant regulations and to provide the most comprehensive type of analysis. The audits and assessments are tailored around organisational objectives, such as improving employee or visitor wellbeing or driving down operational costs.

We offer a wide range of consultancy services that incorporate Oakleaf’s innovative risk assessments that have delivered proven success across many different industries.

Some examples of the assessment services we provide are:

Fire Risk Assessment

As well as being a legal requirement, estates must protect the people using their premises from risks such as fire in order to have a safe working environment Our fully qualified fire risk surveyors hold a range of fire safety qualifications including membership of the IFE, IFSM and NEBOSH. We apply a risk matrix to assess fire risks and produce a set of clear and practical recommendations with support and guidance on how to implement improvements.

Legionella Consultancy

For healthcare providers, Legionella is one of the most severe risks within the premises and it is important that the correct processes are in place to reduce the risk of disease and to detect infections as early as possible.

Our Legionella consultancy involves regular auditing by field experts, providing estates with remedial actions and advice on maintaining water and air quality. As well as significantly reducing the chance of an outbreak of Legionella, we also help to ensure the most effective remedial actions are taken to limit the consequences of an infection.

Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare

There are many different health and safety laws to comply with and failing to comply can result in criminal proceedings, therefore it is essential that qualified people manage workplace health and safety.

Oakleaf provides a comprehensive survey that is designed around the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. The results from the survey enable us to produce a detailed set of guidance including remedial actions and costs. As well as highlighting mandatory improvements, we will also make suggestions to boost the general safety and welfare of building users.

Organisations cannot afford to risk regulatory fines or reputational damage as a result of failing to protect building users. Oakleaf has the expertise and the most effective assessment methods to help you to ensure that your organisation is a safe workplace for employees and a healthy environment for visitors who use your premises.

Find out more about how our risk assessments and audits can help your organisation.

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