Condition Surveys (Education)

The Education Condition Survey provides practical information for assessing School building stock condition.

Physical Condition Survey

The Condition Survey

This is a comprehensive professional condition survey that can be tailored to the client's needs, the education condition survey is based on the requirements of DfEE Asset Management Plans 'Condition Assessment' but can provide much more information than the basic requirements.

Oakleaf's condition surveys are nationally recognised and are used across the country, reporting:

  • Current building condition
  • Costs to bring up to standard
  • Future planned maintenance costs over a chosen period
  • Recommendations, concerns, further action
  • Data provided for existing property/facilities management systems and data inputting
  • Data for business case building

Data is gathered using hand held electronic gathering tools that provide data consistency between surveyors and have in-built checking and productivity functionality. The tools mirror a standard pro-forma style and are used to record the condition of each element/sub element. Priority Rankings are laid out as per industry standards. Oakeaf's Enhanced CRB checked, highly experienced - in house surveyors have surveyed hundreds of Schools and Educational buildings across the UK.

Oakleaf can now offer a combined Condition and Statutory Survey package, tailored for Schools, Universities and Colleges. Enabling the easy reporting for EMS and eMandate returns. Function Suitability and Space Utilisation studies are also available for Universities and Colleges.

The Report

Budget Costs
We also provide full budget costs so that you can program any necessary remedial work.Full Summaries also included.

Digital Photographs
We take photographs showing selected non compliant items so that the problems can be more easily understood.

Risk Assessments
We can include a Risk Assessment so that hazardous areas can be prioritised.

Priority Rankings
We include rankings for each item requiring remedial action covering:
(1) Urgent, (2) Essential, (3) Desirable and  (4) Routine Works

Elements Covered

Elements covered in the survey are as follows:

Building Fabric           

1. Physical Structure
2. External Fabric
3. Roof
4. External Works
5. Ground Conditions
6. Internal Fabric

Mechanical Systems                                                                                                    

8. Heating                                            
9. Steam Systems                                  
10. Ventilation & AC
11. Water (H & C)
12. Medical Gasses
13. Drainage
14. Lifts
15. Boilers/Calorifiers
16. Fixed Plant (Mechanical)
17. Fuel Storage

Electrical Systems

18. Electrical Installations
19. Telecommunications
20. Paging
21. Data Transmission
22. Alarms/Safety
23. Fixed Plant (Electrical)

Room Level Surveys

a) Decorations
b) Ceilings
c) Floors
d) Internal Face: Condition
e) Internal Walls: Condition
f) Luminaires
g) Heat Emitters
h) Fixed Units

Data Presentation

All data can be input into all Facilities Management Software packages, we also work with our clients to assess the most suitable format of presenting the results.

Other School Services

Oakleaf can provide a wide range of specific school services, these are all provided by our in-house specialists, including:

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Asbestos Surveys and Re-inspections
  • Display Energy Certificates (DEC)
  • Disabled Access Audits (DDA)
  • Space Utilisation and Re-planning
  • School Estate Strategies


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