Energy Audits and Survey

Oakleaf offer Energy Audits and Surveys that can be tailored to meet the client’s needs. Our energy assessments can cover all aspects of the building fabric, building services and the operation and management of the building.

Energy audits and survey

Our reports can include some or all of the following:

  • Results from our computer models to assess the buildings current energy performance and changes in energy performance from upgrades and improvements.
  • Full and in-depth analysis of energy consumption data.
  • Bespoke recommendations and advice on upgrade and replacement solutions (i.e. Heating system replacement and upgrade).
  • Feasibility assessment for renewable technologies.
  • Advice on available grants, loans and finance available.
  • Assessment of the management and operation of the building.
  • Assessment on the existing energy metering strategy.
  • Advice on implementing an Energy Management System – to BSEN 16001 standard.
  • Costs for recommended remedial actions, their calculated energy and CO2 savings and pay-back periods.
  • LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH cost recommendations for all identified areas of energy wastage or inefficiencies.
  • Results and analysis from on-site measurements and recordings.

We have two basic levels types of survey, Concise and Comprehensive:

  • Our Comprehensive Surveys deal with specific areas or items in depth and will determine the energy performance of the buildings major plant. It will identify and evaluate the principle energy flows, where the savings can be made and the value of these savings. Recommendations will be provided to show how these savings can be achieved. Energy management and relevant building procedures will also be reviewed.
  • Our Concise Surveys also deal with specific areas and items but not as in-depth as the comprehensive survey. Energy flows and building performance will still be determined and assessed but little or no direct measurement is likely to be used. Recommendations will be generated for the main opportunities to save energy, along with associated costs and levels of energy savings.

Having a condition survey carried out by Oakleaf?

As well as offering specific energy surveys and reports, Oakleaf can also offer additional energy advice and information as an add-on to our Market Leading Condition Survey. So for a nominal additional cost we will calculate pay-back periods for key elements requiring replacement or upgrade (as identified by the condition survey) and offer solutions that that will offer better and more cost efficient energy savings.