Legionella Risk Assessments and Reviews

The Approved Code of Practice L8 (fourth edition) is very clear that Legionella Risk Assessments must be completed on all systems as a first action to identify all potential risks of Legionellosis and to maintain a process of risk assessment reviewing and auditing regularly as part of an ongoing management regime regardless of the severity of the risk.

Legionella risk assessments and reviews

The severity of the assessed risk will determine the necessary frequency for review, re-risk assessment and ongoing auditing. (The requirement for a two yearly risk assessment reviews has been removed from the ACoP L8 fourth edition in favour of a risk based approach, this will mean that it is the responsibility of the Risk Assessor to determine when the risk must be reviewed according to the assessed risk).

Our Legionella Risk Assessment survey will consider every aspect of the water and air systems on the site. We have a Policy that all sources regardless of perceived risk will be assessed for risk of Legionellosis. This ensures that we provide the most detailed legionella risk assessment reports available.

Legionella Risk Assessments are completed using Konformance software which is bespoke to Oakleaf. We are able to provide additional information or adjust our template to suit your needs – we understand this is a service that no other Legionella Consultancy is providing.

Our Legionella Risk Assessment will:

  • Be performed by a trained and competent Legionella Consultant. We have a minimum training standard for all Legionella Consultants to achieve City and Guilds qualifications.
  • Be completed in accordance with BS 8580:2010
  • Be completed using our unique software solution.
  • Consider the aspects of the Water Supply (water fittings) Regulations 1999 compliance.
  • Ensure that the Legionella Risk Assessment report is unambiguous, fully detailed and available in protected word format.
  • Provide a scheme for managing, preventing and controlling the identified risk of Legionellosis with complete fault identification and recommendations.
  • Provide a site specific, overall and asset based risk scoring system.
  • Provide a priority system for remedial actions.
  • Provide a detailed and complete schematic plan of the site (drawn using CAD)